This entire website is dedicated to the HTML5 CSS3 class at UCLA taught by Dragos Bogdan. Check out the different projects showcasing the newest technology web developers have access to.

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Classic Console Game

The Classic Console Game project is a 1 page website that will showcase a classic console game of your choice. The game you select must have 8-bit graphics or less and has been ported to a home console (e.g. Atari, Coleco, Nintendo, Sega, etc). This project includes the following (but not limited to) core concepts: HTML5 structural and text-level elements, HTML5 video support and competing formats, Basic responsive design concepts, Basic CSS3 animation, CSS3 multiple backgrounds, SVG imagery for the web, and Fallback techniques for older browsers (progressive enhancement).

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Javascript/ jQuery Tutorials

The Javascript/Jquery project was a great representation of the types of responsive websites. By responsive, I mean a website that adjusts it's layout based on the size of the display. These are the types of websites that'll be built going forward. They require much less coding by using the @mediaqueries functionalities built into HTML5 and allow the developer to essentially build a single website, that automagically resizes itself based on the display. Given the everchanging world of mobile technology, and more and more portable devices that are able to display websites and apps, it only makes sense to use this method. It provides flexibility and dimensionality to a well designed website that will look great no matter what you're using to look at it.

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Facebook Search Interface

Well the Facebook Search Interface came out pretty cool. I never knew there was so much public information from Facebook that's so readily available to grab for anyone that knows how. The javascript that we wrote was a great refresher course, that's for sure. It's been a while since I needed to use it. One thing I did notice is that it makes for a pretty ugly html source code. So I did what I could by adding some line breaks and tabs to prettify it. I also noticed though that once you remove undefined elements, there seems to be a lot less results in the search. I'm not quite sure why, but it's definitely tied into the removal of the elements somehow. What's more is that there's a limit to the amount of results you can get from Facebook as well. I think it'd be pretty cool if we had another video or two explaining how to expand the search to include more results and create pages to flip through them.

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